Hollyoaks spoiler – Is Diane Hutchinson having an affair?

Diane Hutchinson returns to Chester for good next week but is the Hollyoaks mum having an affair?

The alarm bells should start ringing for her family when they decide to throw her a surprise dinner but instead of being happy about it Diane snaps at them that she’s busy.

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However, she reluctantly agrees when she finds out that Lily was looking forward to it, but outside Nightingale’s she steals a moment alone on the phone and will be heard telling someone she loves them and will see them soon.

The next day John Paul finds Lily looking at a website for council housing and goes with her to speak to Diane. However, John Paul realises why Diane is so stressed and leaves a confused Lily alone with her.

Later, Lily overhears Diane on the phone telling someone she loves them…and it’s not Tony – so who is it?

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