Hollyoaks spoiler: Is Joe Roscoe dead?

The Roscoe clan will be left fearing that something seriously bad has happened to one of their own later this month.
It all kicks off when Joe Roscoe suddenly disappears without a trace from Chester, sparking a massive manhunt.
His girlfriend Lindsey Butterfield fears the worst and is overcome with guilt as she believes he left the village after she confessed to her involvement in Doctor Browning’s murder.

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As the drama unfolds it will become clear that Joe’s brother Freddie has more to do with his disappearance than he’s letting on – and so does Fraser Black.
The desperate newlywed will pull out all the stops to cover his tracks as he comes under pressure from Fraser to stop Sandy Roscoe from digging into Joe’s sudden departure.
To add even more misery for Freddie, his new wife Sinead will discover Lindsey’s deadly secret when she overhears a heated discussion between the pair.
A show insider said: “Freddie is manic when Lindsey calls in the cops to try and find Joe, he tries throwing her off the scent by sending a text from his phone but that only makes her worse.
“What exactly has happened to Joe and what part has Freddie played in his disappearance? Watch and see!”

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