Hollyoaks spoiler – Leela’s stalker returns

Hollyoaks’ Leela Lomax is going to be back in trouble next week as DS Armstrong makes a shock return to the village.

Poor Leela has her world turned upside down when she was the target of a stalker, and fans were stunned to discover it was the local detective.

Ryan Knight discovered what Armstrong had been up to and ordered him to get help, and he hasn’t been seen in the village since. But that’s going to change next week when he shows up in the village again and it’s not long before he’s back stalking Leela.

His return comes just as Leela and Zack Loveday are getting close again and fans will be left wondering whether the detective is behind an incident which sees Zack tumble down some stairs.

Poor Leela has no idea that Armstrong is the person who has been making her life hell and he’s still spying on her via a secret webcam!

When that webcam later gets disconnected, he is forced to break into the Lomax house to resolve the situation. Leela later realises a a family photo is missing she fears that her stalker is back on the scene to make her life hell.

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