Hollyoaks spoiler – Leela’s stalker unmasked?

Leela Campbell thinks she’s unmasked her stalker in next week’s Hollyoaks and pins the crime on Zack Loveday.

Her week gets off to a disturbing start when she receives another text from her stalker while she’s with Lisa and Zack.

Looking around Leela can’t spot anyone suspicious and starts to think it could be Zack who has been tormenting her for weeks.

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Later, she gets a picture of herself through the door with the word “SLUT” written across it; this time Courtney’s won’t take no for an answer and calls the police.

Zack turns up to check on Leela and offers to stay when Peri and Courtney leave, leaving Peri suspicious that her mum and Zack have something going on.

DS Armstrong arrives and doesn’t dispel Leela’s fears that Zack could be her stalker, so when she bumps into him outside The Bean, she orders him to leave her alone, now adamant that he is the person who has been tormenting her – but is she right?

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