Hollyoaks spoiler – Luke’s got sinister plans for Mark

Luke Morgan is a man on a mission in Hollyoaks later this month as he puts a sinister revenge plan into action.

The villager was knocked for six when he bumped into Mark Gibbs, the man who raped him 17 years ago. Later this month he thinks he’s got his life back on track until he gets a message from Mark on Nancy’s social media page.

Luke puts on a front for Mandy but has sinister plans for his meeting with Mark.

Gary Lucy, who plays Luke, said: “The first time we visited the storyline, we were so proud of what we achieved being the first television programme to tackle a male rape storyline.

“It was handled so sensitively and was a ground-breaking storyline that will always be a huge part of my career. Since then, the subject has been covered more widely, but not in the same way as this one.

“Luke never actually dealt with what happened and unfortunately; the ordeal followed him throughout his whole life. It’s really interesting to see the journey Luke has been on, because of not seeking the help he needed.

“Luke is going to be revisiting that horrible time in his life quite a lot and he comes quite obsessive with Mark. There is some really heavy stuff to come that has been great to film and I am so glad we’re seeing this side to the storyline.”

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