Hollyoaks spoiler – Mac declares his love for Lisa

Lisa Loveday is knocked for six during next week’s Hollyoaks when Mac Nightingale drops the L bomb!

The Chester resident has been getting steamy with Mac, as well as Nathan Nightingale, making her the envy of female soap fans across the country.

But next week her cheating antics start to weigh her down when Mac tells her he loves her after they get steamy in the back of a van!

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The moment comes after Nathan tries to make up with Lisa but she tells him to get rid of third wheel, Cleo McQueen, before they have any chance of moving forward.

Nathan refuses and tells Lisa to go to the hotel that he’s booked for her birthday, on her own, but she jumps in Mac’s camper van instead and they drive off together.

Later, while Nathan starts to worry when Lisa doesn’t turn up at the hotel, across the village she’s snuggled up with Mac in his campervan.

Mac accidentally uses the L-word, which freaks Lisa out and when she then gets a voicemail message from Nathan, the guilt hits her and she orders Mac to take her home.

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