Hollyoaks spoiler – Mac’s stroke shock

The Nightingales are in for a massive shock in next week’s Hollyoaks when Mac suffers a stroke.

Soap fans will know that James and Marnie have been secretly drugging him as part of their revenge plan, but things spiral out of control.

When Ellie and Alfie overhear Marnie asking Mac to “make it official” they assume their parents are planning to get re-married but are devastated when they find out he’s sick.

Mac rips up the power of attorney documents, refusing to sign away his whole life until he gets a second opinion.

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A move backed wholeheartedly by Ellie until Marnie puts on an emotional performance when she tells the family that Mac has already had a second opinion, but he must have forgotten.

Later, everyone is alarmed when Mac blacks out and at the hospital the doctor confirms that he has had a mini stroke and warns him to change his lifestyle.

Feeling guilty, Marnie tells James that they need to end their plan but he refuses and threatens to expose her if she doesn’t continue with their plan.

When the doctor starts asking questions about what could have caused Mac’s stroke, Marnie panics, realising she’s losing control.

Back at home, Marnie is then alarmed when Mac doesn’t recognise where he is or know who James is – will she stop their plan before it’s too late?

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