Hollyoaks spoiler – Is Nancy’s illness exposed?

Nancy Osborne has had her head firmly stuck in the sand ever since doctors diagnosed her with multiple sclerosis.

But during next week’s Hollyoaks those closest to her will start asking questions when she hits her head after suffering a fall.

Nancy tries to act normally, determined to land a promotion at work. But during her presentation to Sally she struggles to concentrate and then falls over, badly hitting her head.

Jessica Fox, who plays Nancy, has opened up about how daunting she has found the storyline because she knows she has to get it right in order to portray just how it impacts lives.

She told the Sun: “It sort of comes and goes for her [Nancy] and she has relapses, so she might have a leg spasm or her vision might change or her speech becomes slurred.

“That was really difficult because you don’t want to oversell it.

“I think anything like this is quite scary because it has to be good television too, there has got to be drama there, but I was quite conscious of making it real.

“So if Nancy has had an episode where she has had a relapse and it is quite dramatic then it’s about making sure that the next week I portray it like maybe she is tired or struggling a bit.

“I try to keep that feeling in every episode so that the audience doesn’t forget.

“This is something she is going to have for the rest of her time on the show.”

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