Hollyoaks spoiler pictures – Mystery men and a drugs bust?

It’s all kicking off in Hollyoaks next week with mystery men entering the village, a new romance and one unlucky resident could be going to jail.

Take a look at the action that’s going to unfold in Chester….

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Tom Cunningham borrows Darren Osborne’s car with a stash of heroin in the boot. He’s pulled over by the police for driving too slow just as Darren and Nancy arrive at the scene – will the cops arrest him for drug dealing?

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Grace Black tracks down Tracey, who has seemingly gone on the run. The pair discuss the past and Tracey finally tells Grace she loves her. Across the village, Darcy and Jesse plan a BBQ to celebrate their engagement whilst Grace meets up with a private investigator to find out dirt on her. Later, Darcy turns to her mystery man for help again…

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Hunter McQueen is frustrated seeing Mac and Neeta together and Mac makes matters worse when he sets up Hunter and Peri on a date, with Neeta’s help. Later, Neeta is jealous when she sees Hunter kiss Peri on their date – but is he playing games with her?

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Holly Cunningham is surprised to see Brody in Hollyoaks, and it’s not long both Brody and Damon take a shine to Cleo McQueen. The two lads go head to head for her affections, but it’s Brody who ends up kissing her, a moment spotted by Joel. Joel confronts Brody about his intentions with Cleo but Cleo arrives and warns him off.

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