Hollyoaks spoiler – There’s a new bad boy in the village!

Get ready for dodgy dealings as Hollyoaks gets a new bad boy in the shape of Goldie McQueen’s ex Shane.

Shane, the man who has been harassing Joel Dexter,  is released from prison next week and heads straight to Chester to meet up with Goldie and their sons.

And it doesn’t take long before he’s up to his old tricks when he sees Joel with Warren Fox at the garage and steals his motorbike to give to Prince and Hunter.

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But that’s just the start as later in the week Shane tells Joel that he wants them to steal a car from the garage. Meanwhile, Prince reveals to Lily that he heard her calling him stupid and later decides to ask his dad for help with her.

When she later shows up to apologise to Prince, the teenager uses his dad’s advice about her prompting her to storms out. Goldie is furious at her son for how he spoke to Lily but pales when Prince reveals that he just copied how Shane treats her.

Show bosses announced earlier this month they had cast Lanre Malaolu to play Prince and Hunter’s dad.

Talking about Shane’s arrival, Lanre said: “Shane’s recently been released from prison and he’s head to Hollyoaks to make up with the missus and get straight back to business. Shane is a bit of a wheeler-dealer, he’s money driven.”

So what could possibly go wrong?! Find out more about Shane by watching this backstage video now…

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