I almost died in a real fire

Corrie fans will see Stella Price trapped in the Rovers Return this week as it goes up in flames.
And the look of horror on Stella’s face is real as actress Michelle Collins has revealed she almost died in a real blaze.

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The fire scenes brought back horrifying memories for the Weatherfield star.
When she was four years old she was trapped in a house fire with her sister.
Thankfully they were rescued but the trauma left Michelle scared of fire so she was shocked when bosses told her about the Rovers blaze.
She told the Mirror: “The director started to tell me what the scenes would involve but I didn’t want to know too much beforehand. I knew it would have to involve real fire because Corrie always does things as realistically as possible.
“Back home that night the horrors of the fire when I was a child came rushing back. But I knew I had to face my fear.
“In one scene, Stella is trying to get down the stairs with fire everywhere but she’s trapped and can’t get down.
“That was really tough because it brought my own experiences flooding back. I was terrified.”

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