I didn’t see my husband for three months!

Most women expect to be whisked off on a romantic holiday after getting hitched.
But that wasn’t the case for Hollyoaks star Tamara Wall – who plays Chester superbitch Grace Black.
The actress married her partner the day before she started her job at the Channel 4 soap. So she had to wait until the Christmas holidays to spend some quality time with her new husband.

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And to make matters even worse, Tamara’s husband was posted abroad for work as well. So they spent the first three months of their married life apart!
Tamara said: “I got married on September 29 and then came straight to Liverpool the next day to start Hollyoaks.
“My husband works in special effects, and he went off to do a film in Fuerteventura – so we didn’t see each other for three months. Luckily, I was so busy filming I didn’t hae time to miss him.”
The couple finally went on their honeymoon over the festive season, Tamara added: “We went to New York, which was exciting as I’d never been before. Christmas and snow are my favourite things, so it was amazing.”

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