Jenna is a bright new star shining about the Rovers

Jenna is one of the newer characters on the Street and has become integrated into a number of subplots very quickly and effectively.
She’s dealt with a number of issues including building a relationship with a father she never knew until recently, accepting her sexual identity and becoming comfortable in her gay relationship.

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There is a disruption in her relationship with her mother as a result and also because of losing her job and consequently her career which was a primary focus for both.
Jenna is a strong character in the show who can be assertive if at times a little too direct.
She is not as conflicted as so many of the other Corrie characters but she lives her life in exploration of self-realisation and a quest to fit in.
She is not plagued as much as others by the concept of the looking glass self where an individual sees themselves only as others do and not from their own viewpoint.
Those people often attempt to fit the mould and the view that others have of them.
The fact that Jenna stood up at her work tribunal and told the truth in spite of the consequences is an indication that she is indeed her own person.

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Whereas other characters in the serial are facing mental health issues whether they accept them or not, Jenna does not present the necessary or sufficient conditions to have any clinical diagnosis.
Rather, she at times presents elements of the “worried well” but such is true of more than half the population.
Krissi Bohner plays this character with an empathic sense and presence which underscores the believability of the Jenna character and how the latter bares her soul in dealing with her issues.
We all look forward to a lengthy stay of Jenna on Coronation Street and Krissi as a new bright star shining above the Rover’s Return.

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