Joe and Nancy are self-destructing

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What did you think when you found out he was going to have an affair with Nancy?
The bond between Joe and Lindsey is so strong I just couldn’t see him doing it. But then I found out more about the storyline and seeing as he thinks the love of his life is going off with someone else, it makes sense. He’s devastated. For him it’s about self-destruction, wiping out all those memories. Nancy’s going through something similar with Darren and Sienna so you have these two people who feel like their lives are in a desperate place. It comes to a point when all they can do is have sex because it’s a release, but it doesn’t actually make either of them feel better.

Is he worried about what Darren is going to say?
Well, it’s put them on a collision course. It’s being kept hush hush at the moment but it’s going to come out and Darren is not going to take it very well. That’s great because it plays into his relationship with Sienna. If he’s happy with her and has moved on then he shouldn’t care what Nancy does. I think the audience are desperate for Darren and Nancy to get back together so I think this will increase the tension there as well.

Do you think Lindsey should have told Joe about Browning?
Yeah, I do. I think if she had then he probably would have helped her out. She only said she was cheating on him because he had confronted her about acting strangely, she was there with Browning’s body in the car and wanted to get away so says she’s met someone else. It’s heartbreaking because she should have just been honest with him.

Do you think they will have a happy ending or will Freddie get in the way of that?
It’s a strange one because people seem to really enjoy forbidden love. But then if it was real life would they really agree with a bloke going off with his brother’s missus? Probably not! It’s a great dynamic and I think at some stage Joe is going to find out. When that happens I don’t think he will take it very well! But by then he won’t really have a leg to stand on because he’s slept with Nancy. The audience are really divided by this, there is one camp that want Joe and Lindsey together and another who want Freddie to be with Lindsey.

Have you been surprised how quickly the Roscoe family have become popular?
I thought there would be a big thing of ’they are no McQueens’ and then over time we would be accepted. But before we even arrived and the news about us was released, the fans really seemed to get on board. We’ve been massively helped by Gillian Taylforth’s involvement, she’s a legend and people love her, so we have had some of that glory by association. I think it was clever that they didn’t bring us in all at once so it gave the audience a chance to get used to the idea of a new family in the village. The interesting thing is that I used to be in Emmerdale which gets better ratings than Hollyoaks, but I didn’t get recognised half as much as i do now.

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