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Coronation Street

Hollyoaks shock: Myra McQueen is back!

Hollyoaks fans are in for a shock later this year when Myra McQueen makes a surprise return to Chester.

SoapSquawk can reveal that Nicole Barber-Lane has agreed to reprise her role as the head of the McQueen family.

Viewers will know that she has been living in Spain with daughter Jacqui after faking her own death when she was shot by Doctor Browning.

The soap’s top bosses want us to keep the exact circumstances of Myra’s return a secret, but we can reveal that it’s linked to Theresa McQueen’s comeback.

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It was recently revealed that Jorgie Porter has signed a new deal with the soap after quitting so she could take part in Dancing On Ice.

She was knocked out in the first week, a move that was a massive shock but paved the way for bosses to ask her to return to the soap.

Theresa is currently behind bars after being arrested for the murder of Calvin Valentine.

But she’s set to get out - but is she freed legitimately or does she escape with the help of Myra? Only time will tell.

A show insider said: "We are beyond excited to have Nicole and Jorgie back, it’s going to be a brilliant storyline with lots of twists and turns that will keep fans on the edge of their seats."

July 6th 2014 at 21:20pm
Yawn - McQueens
July 6th 2014 at 21:24pm
great :-) But it’s probably only a short visit. I’d like her back full time
July 6th 2014 at 22:22pm
erm no its not Yawn Mcqueens there 1 of the best soap family’s in my opinion
July 15th 2014 at 13:55pm
I said this well over a month ago. You all should listen.
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